Catch and Fix Marketing
Before Spending Much

Mikrolo catches and resolves Google Analytics and
Google Ads problems with automation.


Efficiency Through

Maximizing Google Ads Performance: Ensuring Success Every Step of the Way

Eliminating Operational Hiccups

Why let today's checks slip through the cracks?

Break free from the cycle of daily errors and oversights.

Allow the system to seamlessly manage checks, liberating you from repetitive tasks and ensuring accuracy

Optimizing Campaign Investments

Are you spending without seeing results?

Pause ineffective campaigns and reallocate resources to those that generate revenue.

Let the system identify and nurture profitable opportunities, maximizing your return on investment

Enhancing Clarity and Progress

Uncertain about your progress?

Effective communication is key to navigating the journey smoothly.

Gain clarity on your position and confidently move forward with a clear understanding of your path.

With Mikrolo , progress becomes seamless and assured

Comprehensive insights, swift problem-solving.

Mikrolo catches and resolves ad problems seamlessly. Elevate campaigns effortlessly with Mikrolo’s Auto Pilot.

Did you know you can get free report?

Data-Driven Decision-Making:

Seamlessly connect Google Ads and Analytics to uncover valuable insights, helping you navigate potential threats and opportunities.

Unlock Campaign Potential:

Unlock comprehensive metrics and detailed reports, gaining valuable insights into clicks, impressions, conversions, and costs.

Efficient Ad Management

Customize rules effortlessly to optimize your ad strategy, delivering true value to your digital marketing journey.

Follow these simple steps or drop us a line if you need a friendly guide!

Connect Your Accounts

Data fuels accuracy. Connect Google Ads and Analytics for precise insights into threats and opportunities.

Get Your First Report

Access clicks, impressions, CTR, conversions, and costs for in-depth ad analysis across all campaigns and ad groups.

Set up Auto Pilot

Refine campaigns effortlessly. Click "Set Up" to tailor rules, ensuring customized optimization for your unique ad strategy.

Dive in for Effortless
Ads Optimization

Maximizing Google Ads Performance: Ensuring Success Every Step of the Way

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Mikrolo is a SaaS platform automating Google Analytics and Google Ads issue detection and resolution, streamlining operations for business growth.

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